From everyday computer repairs to more complex issues with business technology, there is no problem we aren’t prepared for. We are dedicated to providing our residential and commercial clients with fast, friendly, and effective solutions that allow them to get their days back on track. From Apple computers to Android devices, Microsoft products to network support services, we are ready for everything.

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My son dropped his phone in the parking lot and smashed the screen. We were sent here by our insurance and so glad we were. They had the phone fixed perfectly and super fast. They are extremely professional and so very nice. They even checked in with us afterwards to make sure all was well and suggested a case for my kids. The candy we got with our newly fixed phone was a surprise treat my younger kids enjoyed. Highly recommended!

Devorah Wasserman


My iPad took a face plant flat on the floor and shattered the Apple Glass, had my iPad landed on the corner, the anti-shock cover would have been fine. Luckily, I reached out to Mobile Phone Repair Albany in the Whitehall Neighborhood. They responded within the day, set a time to pick up my iPad, and had it repaired and delivered back to my house within hours. Great work, and looks better than before the glass broke. Shout-out to the technician Shawn who was friendly and professional.

If you need any tech repaired, I highly recommend Mobile Phone Repair Albany.

Robert Murphy


I dropped my phone in Montreal airport and when I got home my phone didn't work. It rang but I couldn't answer the phone nor make calls---screen was black.

After considering my options I called Mobile Phone repair. Their reviews were stellar and I needed my phone ASAP!!!

I called Monday and had my phone next day. I am very happy with my phone and it's performance. Comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Ann Brady



Mobile Phone Repair Albany is a recognized innovator in electronic repair services throughout the Capital District, Our reputation has been built on excellent customer service, high-quality products, effective services and innovative solutions. We are committed to creating a truly “life-saving” experience in which customers are able to get their devices up and running again in a very short period of time. Our goal is not just to fix phones, tablets and other electronic devices quickly and effectively, it is also to build a lasting relationship with each and every customer with whom we work. In order to do this, we make service a priority, treating our customers like we would treat our own family if they came into see us. We enjoy taking care of people when they are in need of help. When you choose Mobile Phone Repair Albany for your phone, tablet or computer repair, you can expect a unique experience that is customized specifically to fit your needs.  

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Mobile Phone Repair Albany offers an industry leading warranty. Offering up to a Lifetime warranty on most products. Our products under-go rigorous testing to ensure reliability and forever functionality, we have confidence in the quality of our parts. Thanks to our warranties you can too. Our warranty covers every part and working component of our parts. From solder points to screws to connectors to LCD'S. We cover it all. If anything is found defective under normal operation conditions during the warranty period we’ll repair or replace it, free of charge. Our warranty does not cover any sort of Physical damage or misuse.  

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We house some of the highest experienced technicians. Our technicians have a minimum of 4 years of hands-on training and undergo a deep background check to assure you don’t have just anybody showing up to your door.

Hayden Mastrich

Hayden Mastrich, Master Technician

Haley Kohn, Mail-In Requests

Ma Jiaoyin, Laptop Specialist

Shawn Bacchus, Tech Manager

Matt Rogers, Remote Assistant

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