60 Point Pre-Owned Devices

Explore exceptional offers on certified preowned devices at Mobile Phone Repair Albany! We take great pride in providing premium smartphones and tablets that have undergone a rigorous 60-point multi inspection, adhering to our stringent quality criteria. Our extensive inspection process ensures that every device we offer is in outstanding condition and guarantees flawless performance. Trust in our commitment to delivering excellence and find the perfect device for your needs at Mobile Phone Repair Albany.

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What is a 60 point inspection?

Upon arrival at Mobile Phone Repair Albany’s grading facility, all products undergo a comprehensive automated device diagnostic check. This evaluation encompasses a thorough assessment of functionality, capacity, and condition.

Each device is accompanied by its individual grading scale, facilitating your decision-making process based on the specific requirements of your market.

We acknowledge that pricing is influenced by market dynamics, and we recognize the unique needs of each customer. Therefore, we provide a diverse range of grades to cater to your preferences and enhance your overall convenience.

Apple IPhone 11 – T-Mobile


White (64GB)

Excellent Condition

BL: 97%

Product Code:76187

Apple IPhone 11 – Carrier Unlocked


Product Red(64GB)

Excellent Condition

BL: 84%

Product Code: 40851

Apple IPhone 11 – T-Mobile


Black (64GB)

Excellent Condition

BL: 89%

Product Code 90498

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G – Carrier Unlocked


Black (128GB)

Excellent Condition

BL: 98%

(Includes Serialized Box)

Product Code:72554

Apple IPhone 11 – Carrier Unlocked


Product Red(64GB)

Excellent Condition

BL: 79%

(Includes Serialized Box)

Product Code:48655

Apple IPhone 12 Mini


Apple IPhone 6S Carrier Unlocked



Fair Condition

BL: 98%

(Includes Box)

*Red in right corner of screen shows the screen mark that can be felt.*

Product Code:68824

Apple IPhone 6S Carrier Unlocked



Excellent Condition

BL: 84%

(Includes Serialized Box)

Product Code:87101

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